Amy Hu

Project Title





Autodesk Fusion


Cig-cycle is a cigarette receptacle that is targeted to help reduce the amount of cigarette filters that litter the floor in our city. During our initial research phase, we would notice how cigarette filters would be very common on the ground, planters, and every crevice in between. Our proposed solution was to build a more visible smoking receptable to help gather the cigarette filters with the hope of recycling the filters to companies like Terracycle.

Initially, there were a lot of looks but people weren’t sure what the purpose of our project was. Once we included signage, it cleared up the confusion and people started to interact with our project. Users weren’t too sure if they would leave their cigarette filters on the ashtray or to insert them in the holes.

In our final iteration of the project, we made some structural and user interface improvements. Rocks were used to weigh down the project and negate higher wind speeds. Additionally, we redesigned our system to use two tins, one to ash/stub out cigarettes and the other to store the cigarette filters.